What's My First Step?

Chiropractic North Fort Worth TX Searching for a Chiropractor

The first step to working with FreeForm Chiropractic is to schedule a consultation with our North Fort Worth and Trophy Club chiropractor, Dr. Jacobs, which is not a binding commitment. At this appointment, you will have the chance to sit down with Dr. Jacobs, so he can learn more about what has brought you into the office. You will also undergo a complete Structural Chiropractic Examination and take hospital-grade, digital x-rays, if necessary. Dr. Jacobs will review all of the details of your case, explain the findings, and cover your options for care. The care plans Dr. Jacobs sets up for his patients are specific to the needs of the individual patient. No two care plans are the same.

We offer a variety of different services in our office, including:

Corrective Chiropractic Care

Throughout life, you experience falls, trauma, sports injuries, or you may just have a desk job where you sit at a computer all day. Chiropractic has been used for hundreds of years to relieve a multitude of these pains, by correcting the problem at the source rather than just treating the pain.

Athletic Performance & Sports Therapy

Chiropractic not only keeps today's most successful athletes pain-free, but also is used to speed up recovery time, and increase the communication between the brain and the muscles. Dr. Jacobs has worked with athletes across the spectrum, pro to amateur, to increase their performance and improve their skills.

Pediatric Development

By having your child's spine checked on a regular basis, you can assure that their developing bodies are getting the head start they need. Well adjusted babies and kids are sick less, develop faster, and function better.

Massage Therapy

Muscles are attached to bone, and when the bones are out of place, the muscles follow. In order to help relieve the tension in the muscles massage therapy is used and extremely effective.