Corporate Wellness

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Our North Fort Worth and Trophy Club chiropractors are proud to offer Lunch & Learn workshops for your business. Lunch & Learn Workshops are an interactive, educational, and informative way for your employees to learn how to Eat, Think, and Move Better!. We supply a Wellness Expert to speak on today's most important health topics to your employees.

Your employees will learn preventative measures about stress management, how to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and the huge benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Join the others who have already learned that Lunch & Learn Workshops are an important step in investing in growth and potential within your company.

What You Do?

  1. Choose a topic. Topics include but are not limited to: Stress-Less, Women's Health, Healthy Living To 100, Headaches, Nutrition
  2. Select a date.
  3. Send out the promotional materials we provide you with.
  4. Have the room available, set up and ready to go that day.


What We Do?

  1. Send a Wellness Expert to speak on the topic of choice. These talks can range between 10 minutes to 45 minutes.
  2. Get headcount of what number of staff you expect to be at the lunch.
  3. Arrange a healthy lunch to be delivered the day of event if company chooses and exact head count is given 24 hours prior.
  4. Deliver an impacting Lunch & Learn and create a fun atmosphere at the work place.



  • Reduces employee sick days
  • Reduces employees job related injuries
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Reduces employees health care costs
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Increases employee morale
  • Increases company profitability